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MedChem ShortCut offers a wide variety of organic chemicals including building blocks, advanced intermediates, and APIs, along with some biochemical reagents and proteins. Reference compounds are also available for research purposes.

While our catalog is updated constantly, custom chemicals, which are not listed, are also complementarily served.

Our compounds can be searched at such sites as SciFinder, Chemexper Chemical Directory, ChemACX, and DiscoveryGate.

Customers are strongly suggested to contact us for any compounds needed in your projects. Our organic synthesis experts will make them for you, saving your money and time for sure.


MedChem ShortCut provides customized medicinal chemistry services in two ways.

One is outsourcing, a fee-for-service under strict confidentiality disclosure agreement. We can provide assistance on advanced intermediate preparation, back-up compound synthesis, SAR study, and so on.

The other is collaboration, a service as if we were your internal medicinal chemistry department. We can work together to explore new projects and apply for research funding, such as SBIR grant.

Clients are encouraged to send us a request for any need in medicinal chemistry. We are here to help you speed up your drug discovery projects.

Featured Products

Featured Products


Selected Publications Using MCSC Products or from Collaboration.