Our Company

About Us

MedChem ShortCut (MCSC) is a research-based fine chemical supplier in general and a drug discovery booster in particular. It has built a scientific team with sold synthetic skills and hands-on medicinal chemistry experience. Many of the staff have worked at biotech companies and are familiar with the unique challenges of drug discovery. MedChem ShortCut maintains a state of the art chemistry lab in US and a joint manufacturing plant in China, enabling it to provide thousands of novel compounds and various outsourcing and collaborating services. As a reliable partner to the drug discovery community, MedChem Shortcut prides itself on the quality, timelines, and flexibility of its products and services.

High Quality

MedChem Shortcut is committed to providing the highest quality of products. We set up a strict QC policy for the quality control.

Timely Delivery

MedChem ShortCut is dedicated to delivering the products on time. We truly understand the tight timeliness that our customers might encounter in their projects.

Flexible Service

MedChem ShortCut is delighted to offer flexible services. We can customize our service and change priority rapidly to fit the clients’ specific needs.